Recording Song 7

Today I recorded all the guitar parts for the song I’ve been working on, Following Me In The Sunshine.

The floor is my desk.

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Over the last couple of evenings, I worked out how to play all of the bits and pieces of the song on my guitar. It was pretty fun, because there’s more than one way to play any particular sequence of notes on a guitar so I had to figure out which way is the best. You have to think about how playable it is, consider techniques like bends and slides, and take into account the fact that different strings have a different timbre.

I used my old Boss BR-600 multitrack recorder to record the guitar, instead of my laptop. Boss have an incredibly good reputation for their guitar effects pedals, and their multitrack recorders come with a gazillion customisable effects which are always fun to play around with. Plus, it got me away from the computer screen. I kept the guitar sounds simple, sticking with simple overdrive effects. I’m planning on playing around with delays and reverb, but I’ll do that on my computer at a later stage.

I had mentioned in my last post that I’m unsure about the instrumentation of the song. Originally, in my MIDI composition (which was basically a first sketch), there were the following:

– 1 “cute” synthesizer. I don’t know why but I keep getting drawn to sweet, naive-sounding synths as lead instruments.
– 1 soft electric piano with an echo
– 2 classical guitars
– 1 bass guitar
– 1 drum kit

I decided (for now, at least) to arrange the piece for 3 (fairly gentle) electric guitars with bass and drums. It’s really changed the feel of the song. I kind of miss the synth though, so I’m not sure.

I think I basically want to be this band:

Anyway, after I’d recorded everything, I exported the tracks to my computer and combined them with my MIDI bass and (crappy, half-finished) drums in a new Ableton Live file. I got everything organised, naming and colour-coding accordingly. So now I’m pretty much ready to start mixing the song!


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