G is for Goals

At the start of the year, I purchased a little notebook and spent some time writing up a set of goals for the year, with the idea that I’d carry the book with me everywhere I went, keeping track of my progress and updating my goals. It hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped. Part of me is mad at myself for not being as incredibly determined and hard-working as I’d like to magically become, but the other part of me is just really pleased that I am at least trying to improve myself. To use an awful cliché, I’m going for the “half-full glass” approach. I’ve been congratulating myself for at least starting things: starting to dream and create a good future for myself.

I’m disappointed in myself for one particular goal though. Generally speaking, it was to improve my health and fitness, but I’ve actually gone in the complete opposite direction. I had to quit lifting weights at the gym to save money and I never sorted out a bodyweight routine for myself, so my “become a warrior goddess” plan completely fell apart. I’ve become a lazy slob. Also, I was pretty much living off cheap bakery stuff for a couple of months. It was a bad addiction. Those were dark days!

Not to worry, I’ll get back into it again soon. I can at least say that so far this year I’ve gotten better at lots of little things, and even if I slip up or give up, I’m still trying. Even if all my goals fall through, at least I started them. Setting goals and achieving goals are my biggest goals right now.


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