D is for Daydreams and Denial

Several weeks ago now, I wrote a song that I called Daydreams and Denial. It’s an instrumental track, and I always enjoy picking a name for a song with no lyrics. I like this title because one section – let’s call it the “chorus” – sounds light like a daydream, but the “verse” has a bit more tension in it, like it’s hinting at something hidden.

I wrote this song entirely using virtual instruments with Ableton Live: in particular there’s a cute synthesiser and a marimba as the two main voices. Writing the song was a little bit of an adventure, and I had a lot of fun with it.

It’s a sweet, silly wee piece of music, and I complained to my boyfriend that the music I write never comes out sounding like I’d want it to. He laughed and told me “that’s because you write songs with marimbas in them!”

Point taken.



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