Twelve Weeks

When I was at University, every semester was the same. Five weeks in, I’d start getting the mid-semester blues, and by week eight I’d be totally overwhelmed, hanging on for dear life until the end of the semester when I could finally catch my breath.

Things have gone down a similar route with this music project, except that I gave up completely somewhere around week eight or nine. Up until an hour ago I was sure I’d never even update this blog again, but here I am!

I’m taking a break from this EP-in-twelve-weeks idea, but it’s something I can always come back to. The music I wrote wasn’t very good, and I guess I got fed up at the mixing stage when I realised that no matter what I did, the end result would never be amazing because the quality of the songwriting and the recordings was too low.

Regardless of that, it’s been an incredibly useful experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot about making music. I’m writing a new song at the moment: one that’s a bit more like the music I actually listen to. The songs I wrote as part of my wee project don’t really sound much like anything I listen to. I don’t really know where they came from!

In case anyone is interested, here is one of the songs I wrote, in its unfinished, poorly-recorded current state. My automatic reaction is to point out all the things I dislike about it, but instead I’m just going to say that I’m quite fond of the dreamy middle section which starts at about 1:20, and the fun little twin-guitar part afterwards, at 1:57.



  1. Mairi, to put it simply, This is incredible. When you first said that you were going to be making music… I underestimated your talent. I thought it would be good. But not very good? But I was clearly wrong! This is probably the best new music I’ve heard in quite some time. I really like it. Do you mind if I illegally download it and put it on my iPod? 😛

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