Procrastinating by blogging?

Keeping a blog and pursuing this music project are very similar experiences. It’s easy to fall behind. I find it hard to create and complete things in a timely way. I feel like I could spend hours fleshing out a blog post, swithering over word choice and agonizing over the personal details, tempted to never press the Publish button. It’s the same with writing music! That’s the whole reason I started this project!

I feel the pressure of deadlines really strongly. I’m a big procrastinator, and as a deadline approaches I become more and more conscious of it, getting more and more agitated. With this project, there is the added bonus pressure of documenting everything in a blog! I really enjoy it, and I would write every day if I could, but I’m not very good at keeping myself organised. It can take quite a long time to write one entry, which could be my thoughts on something I spent a relatively short time on. Sometimes I feel like the time would be better spent focussing on writing the music.

Take my last post, for example. I wrote it about how I created a chord sequence that I sketched out in a few minutes, inspired by a photo. I thought it seemed like an interesting process to write about, but I scrapped the actual musical idea a couple of hours after publishing the post. I don’t regret writing about it, though. It’s all part of the process.

Thankfully I finally got the ball properly rolling with my next attempt at starting a song –  I’ve written some cool guitary bits that I’m quite keen on. I’ll stick with this one.

There’s another deadline-type thing coming up that’s been getting me all nervous. I have an interview next week for a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics! So I need to relearn all the physics and read about potential supervisors’ research and practice explaining why I want to spend the next several years doing ridiculously hard maths (it’s a love-hate love).

With that in mind, I’m considering squeezing a cheeky wee extra week in to finish off the songwriting part of the project. This is because I desperately need to re-record the guitars in songs 1 and 2, as well as finishing the drums in song 2. I’d also like to go home and borrow my sister’s bass guitar instead of relying on MIDI files or a bass simulator. I’d also quite like to borrow that same sister’s flute-playing abilities for one of the songs… Maybe I don’t need an extra week for all that; maybe I’m just getting lazy. Besides, 12 weeks sounds much better than 13 weeks!



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